Projekt realizowany przez IV Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. E.Sczanieckiej w Łodzi

Basic Information about the HC OP Project

„Holistic Approach to Teaching Experimental Sciences Through CLIL With Practical Application of Mathematics and ICT Tools”

7 January 2014 -  30 June 2015


Name of the Operational Programme In Poland:   Human Capital

Numbar and Name of Priority Axis:    IX  Development of education and
                                                               competencies in the regions

Number and Name of Measure:     9.1 Equalization of educational
                                                        chances and providing high quality
                                                        of educational services  performed
                                                        within the framework of the 
                                                         educational system

Number and Name of Submeasure:   9.1.2 Equalization of educational
                                                           chances of students from groups
                                                           with hindered access to education
                                                           and diminishing the disproportion
                                                           in the quality of  educational

Number of Application for Assistance:  WND-POKL.09.01.02-10-025/13

Number of Participants:  Students 100  (F.70, M. 30),  Teachers: 11 (F.9, M.2)

Project Value: 1 038 866,21 PLN

Beneficiary’s own contribution:  155 829,93 PLN  (15% of the project value)

Transnational Component:  Cooperation between IV Liceum
                                            Ogólnokształcące in Łódż, Poland,
                                            and Söderportgymnasiet in Kristianstad,

Transnational Component Value:162 950,00 PLN  (15,69% of the project value)